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One of the most dangerous gadgets of all time was surprisingly manufactured by Korean electronics giant Samsung. The Galaxy Note

Feedback and collaboration are absolutely essential to designing a new product, completing a project or really just implementing anything well

A company's downfall begins the moment its IT department starts to underperform. The business world has embraced modern technology, and

Building a business in our modern digital age is different than it was during pre-internet times. Where a business would

When people talk about technology, they talk about the speed and convenience. At the same time, they see major connections

The entire field of healthcare has undergone drastic changes over the years, including surgical specialties. Electro surgery is one of

Since the dawning of the digital age, schools have enjoyed an influx of educational technologies and services to aid learning.

Wireless power is the next frontier in wireless technology. Excluding batteries, there is no universally available method for supplying electricity

Automotive junkies know just how many different vulnerabilities there are while driving a car. However, adding even the simplest car

Like so many other things, today's tech has made traveling easier and more difficult all at the same time. When

Business owners have a lot to benefit by improving their office productivity. Not only will employees get more done, but

All new startups should propel their new business to success by using all the tools and best practices available on

In today's business world, managers in small businesses and large corporations have more demands on their time than ever before.