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For developers, security is a major concern of all and in this post, java development company professionals will look at API security, authorization, authentication, web layer security, and lots of other things! Authorization and authentication in java development Authentication and authorization are most fundamental concepts to

We are seeing a notable growth in the m-commerce in last few years. Recent surveys predict that m-commerce will make up 45% of total online commerce by 2020, equaling $284 billion in sales. That is more than 3X the 2016 figures. The worldwide annual mobile

The mobile app market is too competitive now. There are millions of apps groping for more discoverability and downloads. This huge competition alone makes app development a more demanding job than ever before. From choosing app features to UI design to addressing common glitches in

With the advent of technology everything is becoming more and more advanced. There was a time when everything was made a note of with a help of pen and paper, now those days have gone and state of the art softwares and application has taken