When people talk about technology, they talk about the speed and convenience. At the same time, they see major connections between technology and health. Technology has both good and bad effects for health in at least 5 ways. 1. Sedentary Lifestyle The biggest problem with using technology

The entire field of healthcare has undergone drastic changes over the years, including surgical specialties. Electro surgery is one of those changes. Following is a description of what electro surgery entails and why it remains one of the most important breakthroughs in the medical field

Automotive junkies know just how many different vulnerabilities there are while driving a car. However, adding even the simplest car feature will greatly reduce the chance of having a car accident. Give these seven cool new car features a look. 1. Automated Parking This feature aids one

All new startups should propel their new business to success by using all the tools and best practices available on the market today. Amidst the excitement of preparing for a new career as a business owner, you should never lose sight of your values and