One of the most dangerous gadgets of all time was surprisingly manufactured by Korean electronics giant Samsung. The Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and its explosive battery required an unprecedented recall, a remote deactivation attempt to lessen the chance of injury, and a massive PR campaign

While tech companies don’t carry as much weight in the stock market as they did 25 years ago, there is a new wave of tech firms that are making tremendous breakthroughs in the industry. And while established companies like Microsoft and Apple have focused on

Video game conventions are organized events that gather several gamers to take part in various kinds of gaming. Some game conventions give attention to video gaming, with huge prizes and tournaments, while some revolve around pen and paper roleplaying games. Below are consumer video game

Many people are enjoying digital forms of poker games, by playing online in computers against real human or the computers. Poker is an exciting game, although this doesn’t involve the actual money. Poker should be a perfect game that we can learn about. In this