Among many other economic and cultural assets, companies like Google and Amazon are accumulating a comprehensive record of the issues that consumers face every day. Some may be unfamiliar with the concept of the internet of things, but we have outlined some examples of how

Top standout features coming up with iOS 11 include siri improvements, new app store, control center changes, and more other stuff. Apple officials have recently announced the latest mobile operating system known as iOS 11. You will get a chance to explore its features this fall.

From the days of armed guards and barking dogs to smart home integration, security systems have advanced in stride with our technology. With a high demand for quality in the market, they are created with increasingly impressive innovations to protect you and your family without

One of the most dangerous gadgets of all time was surprisingly manufactured by Korean electronics giant Samsung. The Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and its explosive battery required an unprecedented recall, a remote deactivation attempt to lessen the chance of injury, and a massive PR campaign